Clean Your Garage Door Properly

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Clean Your Garage Door Properly

How to clean your garage door properly

The garage door is a large part of your home’s exterior, but it is often a part of the house that is overlooked. Keeping your garage door clean and sparkling aids to your homes curb side appeal. In turn, this will help give your house the edge over others on the street!

Follow this easy guide to restoring your garage door to its former glory:

  • Every 6 months, areas that don’t get a rain shower should be washed with a hose. Alternately, get a bucket of water and a soft cloth and get to it.

*Industrial properties or houses near the ocean should be every 2 months.

However, if the above doesn’t remove all the dirt and grime from your garage door, this next procedure should be carried out:

  • Using either a mild non-abrasive kitchen detergent, or a pure soap with warm water, gently wipe down the door;
  • Only ever use a soft cloth or sponge, and be gentle to prevent any shiny areas;
  • Remove all traces of detergent/soap by giving the door a detailed rinse off.

*NEVER use turps, petrol, paint thinners, or kerosene on steel garage doors.

Furthermore, while the inside of the garage door is not often visible to visitors and guests, keeping it clean is also vitally important. This will keep dirt from getting into the door tracks and hinges, and keeping it in full working order.

Clean Your Garage Door Properly

Follow these simple steps:

  • Use a dust pan and brush to remove any dirt and dust from the tracks that your garage door runs along. For any clumps of mud or harder to remove dirt, use water and a rag or scrubbing brush to get inside the track and really clean it out. If you have a vacuum with a long reach nozzle, try to suck up larger bits of dirt along the rails first. Keeping the tracks clean is important to prevent your door from getting derailed or jammed in the future;
  • Once the tracks are clean you can begin to lubricate them along with the wheels on your door;
  • Organise the space and clean up the area around the garage door. If possible, keep this area clear of anything that could fall and obstruct the opening and closing of the door. Check general condition of door and that all mechanisms are still working properly and in the correct place.
  • Make sure all your cleaning items are put away. Check for any missed marks or dirt.

And finally…

Go inside, feel proud and put your feet up!

That’s really all there is to it. If your garage door is painted you will be able to see any damaged or flaking paintwork where bare metal is showing once it is clean.

By giving your garage door a thorough cleaning regularly, you can keep it looking like new. It’s also the perfect opportunity to check for any other maintenance tasks that need completing!

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