Garage Door Colour Trends

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Garage Door Colour Trends

Garage door colour trends in 2018

What are the garage door colour trends in 2018? This year is certainly the year for playing it safe. For too long now, the garage door has been neglected while homeowners renovate their kitchens, put a sparkle into their gardens, and paint their picket fences instead. Meanwhile, the garage door has been left to wallow in battleship-brown anonymity, performing a simple function without ever getting to parade its aesthetic beauty. But not anymore!

Finally, homeowners in Australia are starting to devote more care and attention to their garage door. After all, this door forms an integral part of the front of your house and everyone can see it from the street. Why wouldn’t you want it to look nice and inviting? A modern garage door can also add value to your home and boost its appeal to potential buyers.

Garage Door Colour Trends

Let’s take a look at the top colour trends for your garage door this year:

Soft Greys

Soft greys have been praised recently for being the brand new natural on the hot decorating scene. It looks pale, muted and unassuming – which is precisely what you want. Moreover, soft greys blend in neatly with any kind of brick colour you have. From umber to white, which is a primary reason why many people are now employing this colour for their garage door. Soft greys are also perfect, if you want your garage to look nice without overshadowing the real beauty points of your home: Your garden!


White is always right, and continues to be a hot colour trend for garage doors all around the globe. You simply can’t go wrong with the king of neutrals. It will always be a classic! White garage doors are clean and crisp. They look pleasant and warm on the eye, and appeal to everybody. Moreover, they don’t take anything away from the overall aesthetic of your home, but instead add to it. Of course, there is a common complaint too: White shows up stains really easily. However, this problem can be resolved by taking proper care and regular maintenance of your door. It is a good idea though, to maybe abstain from white if you have children who regularly stain your garage door with footballs, or have the need to paint walls.


Black has become a firm favourite for garage doors in Australia for 2018. Although it’s been growing in popularity for some time now. You’ll find it being used on lots of new housing developments in the suburbs, largely because it’s got a classy contemporary look and feel to it. It also hides dirty really well.

Monument Grey

Monument grey always looks simple and super elegant. To get the most out of Monument, you need to be creative. The colour has to compliment the overall aesthetic of your home, otherwise it will look out of place. With that said, Monument is often an understated colour that never feels overwhelming. Therefore, it’s a highly attractive proposition.

Jasper Brown

This colour has re-surged with its popularity. Whether your home is old-school or modern, country or city, Jasper Brown ensures your garage door will complement the colour scheme of your home. It’s a winner! These are of course just a few colour trends for your garage door that are in-vogue, but what works for you is highly subjective and comes down to personal discretion. It’s sometimes the case that a colour which others find repellent actually works well on your door because it matches your exterior.

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