Garage Into A Workshop

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Garage Into A Workshop

Find out how to turn your garage into a workshop


Garage Into A Workshop


Usually set apart from the rest of the house, a garage is the ideal place to do noisy, dusty work. Unfortunately, depending on the current setup of your garage and the intended function of your workshop, it might not be the best setting to undertake your latest DIY project. No need to fret though, as you can turn your garage into a safe and convenient working space in only a few simple steps.


When it comes to working with potentially dangerous objects, you need to make sure the zone you are working in is safe. Your garage might currently be used as a storage room for your kids’ toys and other extraneous household items. Now might be a good time to clean out and sort through all these items and decide what must stay and what can go. If there is no other storage space in your house, make sure you demarcate the garage so that household stuff and workshop tools can be in separated areas.

Give your garage a little makeover

  • Floors

If you are going to do some heavy duty DIY in there, you need to make sure the room is in good shape. Depending on the intended use for the room, you might want to consider restoring your floors with a protective epoxy coating. The darker the colour the better, as it will serve to conceal the stains that are bound to happen.

  • Heating and cooling

Insulation in garages isn’t usually the best. What is good enough for your car might not be quite comfortable for you. Temperature might become an issue for yourself, but also for certain materials that might not set properly. If you have the budget and know you will spend a lot of time in your workshop during hot and/or cold days, you might want to think about installing heating and/or cooling systems.

  • Ventilation

Working with certain products can produce toxic fumes or dust. The air quality in the room needs to be ensured for your safety, and the safety of your family. If you cannot ventilate the room by opening doors and windows, think about a ventilation system.

Tool storage and bench

When it comes to your master plan for the setup of the room, make sure you use the space creatively so that your garage can be used for other functions. You can buy or build your workbench – check that it is sturdy and that the top is made of durable material.

Then, you need to create a storage space for your tools so that they are easy to access. To do so, favour lightweight and heavy duty material whenever possible. Pegboards and open shelf storage are particularly handy. And don’t forget your tool chest!

Anticipate your needs

Your garage might not currently have a lot of electrical outlets. However, your tools’ batteries will need to be charged, various tools will need to be plugged in… You can never have too many plug sockets! Make sure you have plenty of those around your workspace.

Lighting will also be extremely important: fluorescent or LED lights are a favourite for overall room illumination. You can also get a small work lamp for focused lighting.

In terms of plumbery, you might want to consider installing a sink if there isn’t one already. You will need to clean various paint brushes, tools and, possibly, your dirty and greasy hands!

Turning a garage into a workshop will require a few changes, but it will all be worth it! More than just a workshop, your garage will be your haven and the cradle of all of your DIY projects!

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