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How to hold your car’s value longer

A car can be a major investment! Apart from your house, a motor vehicle one of the biggest purchases you’ll make. The problem is it begins to lose value the minute it leaves the sales lot. You can’t stop this from happening, but you can keep the value of your car higher longer with a little planning.

The best place to start is by keeping your car under cover when you’re not driving it. Yes, manufacturers take steps to guard your vehicle against the elements. These aren’t foolproof though. If you have a garage your car should be parked there, and if not, it’s worth investing in a quality carport.

An investment in cover for your car isn’t a waste of money. No matter how safe you think your car is in your driveway, it’s not. Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t leave your car parked outside:

Bird and bat droppings

A car parked in a driveway is exposed to everything outside. You can’t stop birds from leaving unwanted presents on your car. These droppings can be highly corrosive. Over time, they’ll chip away at your paint job, no matter how good the quality. If you have a bat problem in your neighborhood the problem can be even worse.

Precipitation can be harmful

Rain me seem harmless, but it still takes its toll on your car over time. In colder climates, your car can take a beating from harsh rain, wind and hail. This can lead to paint chips and rust spots over a period of years. That gentle rain may not seem like a big deal, but it can be for your car.

Hold Your Cars Value

Salty air

If you happen to live in a coastal region such as the Gold Coast, the air itself can be a problem. That’s because ocean water is loaded with salt and over time it eats away at your car. Those cool ocean breezes may feel good on the skin, but they’re not doing your car any favours.

People with bad intentions

Nature isn’t the only thing that can put your car at risk when you park outside. Even in a comfortable suburban neighborhood there’s the potential of falling victim to vandals. We might not understand why someone would spray-paint our vehicle or scratch the paint on purpose, but it happens. The only way to prevent this is to keep your car parked in a locked garage or gated off carport.

Protect your investment

It should be clear by now why it’s important to park your car under cover at home. It may not be possible to do the same thing at work. If you do have the option of parking in a garage while at work it’s worth the extra cost to help your car maintain its value.

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