Keep Mould At Bay

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Keep Mould At Bay

How to keep mould at bay in your garage

If you have noticed high humidity in your garage, you need to take precautions sooner rather than later, as mould thrives in this kind of environment. Mould can not only damage your belongings, it could also harm you and your family as it can sometimes cause irritations on the skin, in the eyes, throat etc. Keeping mould at bay in your garage should therefore be a priority if you want to protect your loved ones, as well as all of the things you store in there!

Keep Mould At BayEradicate existing mould

If it is too late and mould has already appeared, you need to eliminate it ASAP. Scan the area carefully to make sure you have located all of the mouldy spots. If it seems to have taken over more than one square meter of the room, it is advised that you seek the help of professionals. If you are confident that you can exterminate it yourself, make sure you wear protective clothing, and arm yourself with the mould killing essential Clove oil. Be sure to purchase decent, and pure essential oil. To avoid regrowth, make sure the area is dry: leave windows and doors open to air the room, or use a portable fan.

If mould grows back in some places, do not fret, it is to be expected. It is a vicious adversary, but the second battle should be easier to win: you can mix it up a bit and treat the spots with a vinegar or tea-tree oil solution.

Make your garage “mould-proof”

The first step to keep mould at bay in your garage is a good insulation. Mould loves dark and humid places, so identify all of the weak spots. Check that the roof, walls and floor are all in good condition. If there are any windows, make sure they are properly sealed. The last place to check is the biggest hole you have in your garage -the door. Although it might seem like an expensive purchase, getting the right garage door could make a huge difference in your fight against mould. You will find that the highest quality Gold Coast garage doors come from In Style Doors. Call us today on 0436 007 776 for a FREE measure and quote.

To ensure mould cannot penetrate from the floor and walls, consider a floor coating and a waterproof, mildew-resistant paint for the walls. Make sure your garage is equipped with a proper drainage system and sealed gutters if necessary.

Make your garage a moisture-free environment

For minor humidity issues, and if you want to avoid spending big, there are a few simple things that can help to keep dampness away from your garage. First, make sure the room is well-ventilated – use an airing system and avoid clutter as much as possible to make sure the air flows well inside the room. You might also want to use a dehumidifier and, if possible, let sunlight in. Do not use the room to air-dry your clothes, and avoid leaving wet shoes and clothes around. A mudroom is the perfect solution for this.

If it is raining outside and your car is wet, be sure to wipe it dry and put towels down to soak up any puddles on the floor. Concerning storage, cardboard boxes are certainly great to store your belongings, but they are really good at hosting mould too, so consider swapping them for plastic boxes. Rugs are also the ideal home for mould. In this case, keep them away from humid places and find them another home!

Taking all of these steps might seem like a bit of a hassle – especially if there is no mould inside your garage – but prevention is better than cure. Believe it or not, but keeping mould at bay in your garage is a lot easier when it hasn’t gotten in!