Keeping Your Garage A Safe Place

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Keeping Your Garage A Safe Place

Keeping your garage a safe place – How it’s done

Keeping your garage a safe place is of paramount importance for most homeowners, primarily because so many of our valuables tend to be stored here – including our car. Yet our garage is often overlooked when many of us think about home security. We’re all champions of the world when it comes to securing our front and back doors, but we forget one of our home’s most vulnerable areas – our garage.

Robbers target homeowners’ garages because they know many of us store various high value items including power tools, Surfboards and Golf Clubs and the aforementioned family car. Not just this, but your garage can also provide easy access into your home for thieves. Fortunately, keeping your garage a safe place is really easy.

Keeping Your Garage A Safe Place

Here are our top tips:

Implement A Security System

Want to know your best line of defence when it comes to protecting your garage? A home security system!

All you need to do is set your system so that the alarm is triggered whenever someone tries to enter at any hour. Once the alarm is sounded, emergency services are alerted and dispatched.

Picking the right service provider will take some time, and it’s important that you do your research first to get the deal that is right for you and your home.

Cover Your Windows

Some garages come with windows, and some don’t. If yours does, it’s important that you take steps to cover them with curtains or blinds. This ensures that a would-be thief can’t window shop during the day, before returning at night.

If you feel as though blinds or curtains will detract from the overall look of your garage, you could install tinted or mirrored glass.

Install Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights should come as standard with your home security system. If you don’t have the money to install a security system for your garage, you can instead upgrade your light fixtures so that your garage is treated to motion detector lights.

Motion detectors are extremely useful when it comes to keeping your garage a safe place. Essentially infrared waves, they detect moving objects and body temperatures. When movement is spotted, a light will turn on and stay on for as long as you’ve set it.

Have A Secure Connection Door

Once inside a garage, thieves will either be satisfied with what they can get their hands on – or they’re going to try and make it all the way into your home via the garage door that leads into your house.

To stop this from happening, you should make your connecting door as secure as possible. Boost its security with a deadbolt, and include more than one lock. Make sure the door is forged from robust material too, such as solid timber or metal.

Keep Your Garage Remote Safe At All Times

An easy way into your garage for thieves is via your garage remote, which homeowners have a tendency to leave lying around. Always be sure to keep your garage remote safe away from prying eyes at all times. This will avoid giving thieves an easy way into your garage.

Get A Robust Garage Door

A modern, automatic garage door is the way to go these days. They’re more secure, durable, and usually feature galvanized components to stand the test of time. In turn, making it harder for thieves to enter.

Keeping your garage a safe place is a matter of common sense. Be sure not to cut corners and contact the garage door professionals at In Style Doors on 0436 007 776. We have the strongest doors on the market. Additionally, having galvanised components for longevity makes our doors a lasting investment.