Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

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Things You Can Transform Your Garage Into

Preparing your home for storm season in Australia

We’re all aware that storms roll around every year in Australia. Nevertheless, preparing your home for storm season is something that many homeowners forget to do. It’s so important that you think about preparing your home for when that time comes.

Some of the best ways to organise your home is to think about what impact a storm could have on your property, and get busy making sure you are ready for an inevitable storm.

Things You Can Transform Your Garage Into

Insurance policy

The first thing you should do is make sure your insurance policy is up-to-date and accurate. Should all your preparations not be enough during the upcoming storm season, you will want an insurance policy that will take care of you.


Check your roof every now and then. You don’t want to have any holes or cracks in your tiles. Keeping an eye on the roof allows for repairing light damage before anything major can happen. This can be very imperative to guarantee that your home can withstand the high winds associated with heavy storms and cyclones.

Gutters and Downpipe

Another essential thing you should inspect regularly are your gutters and downpipes. These should be free of debris at all times. If they are filled with leaves etc, they can easily overflow during a storm and then the water can’t evacuate correctly.


Be certain that any trees near your building are trimmed regularly. This is vital during storm preparations because if you have stray limbs hanging around, you and your home could incur severe damage.

Garage Door

Another key element you might forget to consider is your garage door. Make sure your garage door is in perfect working order. Beware that double garage doors are more susceptible to wind and storm damage than single doors due to the larger surface area.

As you are preparing your home for storm season, be sure to get everyone in the household on the same page about evacuation plans. Additionally, have a supply of water and well-kept food on hand. It is important to know where the power, water, and gas shut-offs are located in order to turn them off if need be.

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