Things You Can Transform Your Garage Into

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5 Exciting things you can transform your garage into

Do you have garage space just sitting there doing nothing? Do you only use your garage as a place to park your vehicles, or to store your lawnmower, fishing gear and tools? Garages are often the most underused area of your house, but they have the potential for much more exciting purposes than as a space for your car. You might need extra living space or a room for some specific purpose. Consider one of the following ideas for things you can transform your garage into.

Things You Can Transform Your Garage IntoHome office

Do you work from home, or want to work at home but don’t have a dedicated space? Have you thought of converting your garage into a home office? The main benefit of having a home office space is having a work environment close by. You could be more productive, as you will be able to complete work at your leisure, while having any needed breaks in between. Then, when you’ve decided that you’re done for the day, simply tidy up and head back into your living zone.

To convert your garage into a home office, all you need to do is to put down some smart flooring, and purchase some office furniture and storage units. Wulla!

A single garage is an ideal size to convert into a home office. You wouldn’t need an office the size of a double garage unless you has a few work colleagues joining you, or you needed extra space for something else. For example, you could set up the other side as a relax/meeting/brainstorming area.

Home gym

A double garage is an ideal size to use as a home gym. You’d have more than enough room for your treadmill, weights, exercise bike, rowing machine and bench press machine. If you are into CrossFit, you will find there is still plenty of room left for your CrossFit equipment as well.

Converting your garage into a home gym has several advantages:

  • Get and stay fit without the hassle of going out to a gym;
  • Save on expensive gym memberships;
  • Getting your money’s worth for all your expensive equipment will motivate you to exercise;
  • If you are self-conscious, you can workout in private without being gawked at by other gym patrons.

Apart from the cost of your equipment, the conversion to a gym is relatively cheap. All you need to do is to lay down rubber flooring on top of the cement floor. If you desire, you can decorate with motivational posters and mirrors to make it look authentic.

Play/games room

Are the living areas and bedrooms of your home constantly littered with toys and kid’s paraphernalia? If so, perhaps you need a playroom as your kid’s special space. Convert your garage into a playing zone to solve the dilemma of where to keep the ever-expanding number of toys that accumulate throughout your house. Your kids will appreciate their own space where they can spread out their toys and make noise without disturbing anyone, or being bothered themselves.

Plan the decor of your playroom to grow with your children. Don’t install any permanent “kid” decor that can’t be easily changed to appeal to older kids. Set up plenty of shelves and cabinets that will be suitable for both toys now and later on when they’re older.

Safety is an important aspect to consider when renovating your garage to use as a playroom.

  • Make sure all electrical points are installed high enough to be unreachable for young children;
  • Be sure to connect any high cabinets to the wall so they don’t fall on anyone;
  • Avoid having furniture with sharp edges;
  • Lay carpet or non-slip tiles on the floor.

Music studio

If you are a budding musician or a would-be professional, you’d love the idea of having your very own area for performing, recording your music, or even just for jamming with your friends. A double garage is ideal for this purpose. Sound-proofing is essential, so you won’t have any worries about irritating the neighbours or your house mates. Install acoustic panels on the walls to absorb some of the sound waves. Unfortunately, these pieces are quite expensive but are worth the cost.

Self-contained unit

The most exciting idea is to convert your double garage into a self-contained unit. You could use it for guests, for your aged parents to have their privacy but still have you near-by, or as an Airbnb rental unit for some extra income.

Unfortunately, this is the most costly idea for a garage conversion as it involves changes to your house. Installing a kitchen, bathroom and a suitable door is essential. The other things such as cupboards, walls to have separate rooms is up to you. Open plans and stand still cupboards work well too. Also, air conditioning and heating if you live in a cold / hot climate is always a good idea.

Whichever way you decide to convert your garage, be sure to go through the planning stages properly so you won’t make huge mistakes you will regret bitterly.

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