Ultimate Home Gym

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Ultimate Home Gym

Turn your garage into the ultimate home gym

Tired of paying an expensive gym membership which you hardly use? Sick of dragging yourself across town to do your workout? Maybe going and working out at a commercial gym with other people isn’t your style anymore? Whatever your situation, there’s a way you can smash your fitness goals and improve your lifestyle without needing to leave the house!

Converting your garage space into the ultimate home gym will save you a tonne of money on gym membership, inspire you to work-out more, and make you the envy of all your neighbours! Just think about it, how often do you really use your garage? Clearing out the clutter and creating your own custom work-out space is like gaining a whole extra room in your house.

The BIG Plus

Most people’s first objection to this idea is money. However, setting up a gym in your garage does not have to break the bank. Just like any DIY project, you should planUltimate Home Gym to work within the parameters of your budget. Remember how much cash you’re going to save in gym subscriptions and travel costs. You could easily make your money back within a year and then keep enjoying your customised gym space for many years to come! Envision your own private work-out room… accessible any time of the day, all year around. You’ll never have to queue for equipment or listen to dodgy gym-tunes ever again.

The Flooring

Furthermore, before getting your hands on any gym equipment, think about the flooring. Concrete is possibly the worst floor material for a workout space as it doesn’t absorb shock – not ideal if you’re going to be lifting weights or jumping rope. Luckily, there are quite a few affordable flooring options for you new garage gym. You might consider rubber flooring or carpet tiles.

The Storage

When it comes to storage, the more creative you can get the better! If you’ve got a high ceiling you could consider utilising that space with hanging storage for your lighter items – yoga mats, foam rollers and resistance bands. The downside to this is that it might impede your ability to include over-head exercises – pull-ups and shoulder presses in your workout. You should consider this from the start and design your space around your ideal workout. Horizontal slats and wall-mounted peg boards are a super space-efficient way to store frequently used items; you can use them to hang everything – bags, shelves and sports equipment right there on the wall for easy access!

The Equipment

Now for the exciting part, planning and acquiring your gym equipment! If you’re working to a tight budget you can save a lot of money buying things like plates, barbells, kettle bells and benches second hand. Remember you don’t have to get everything you want straight-away; you can add to your home gym little by little to spread the cost. If you’re DIY-minded there are quite a few versatile pieces of equipment that you can build yourself! Why not try making your own plyometric box for box jumps, dips and step-ups? This can easily be done in about 30 minutes with materials from your local Bunnings. You could also make your own medicine ball by filling an old basketball with sand. The possibilities are literally endless, and there are online tutorials for pretty much anything you could want to build – but leave it to the experts if you’re a DIY novice!

Creating a simple, functional garage work-out space will motivate you to take your fitness and strength to the next level! Try it for yourself and start planning your ultimate garage gym today!

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